I’m Alan, less race some cheese! 🙂

I’m Alan Ridley, a software developer from Columbia, Missouri. Over the last few years I’ve added to my list of questionable hobbies a love for strange and weird sports and pastimes.

The whole thing started when I happened upon a site dedicated to the noble sport of “Cheese Racing”, which inspired me (i) make a cheese sandwich and then (ii) to start this website.

This website is primarily a celebration of my ability to procrastinate in a productive and well-organised way: while others avoid work by investing countless hours watching Netflix, I create an informative website about fringe sports and pastimes, which is ironic because:

  • It’s actually quite hard work building a website like this and hence not at all a successful way to procrastinate.
  • Building websites is disappointingly similar to what I actually do for a job.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the website 🙂 … thanks for reading!

If there’s a topic you’d like me to add, you can send me a message here.