Cheese Racing

The little-known sport of cheese racing was invented in 1997 in Dorset, UK after a group of camping friends performed a brave experiment involving processed cheese slices and a red-hot barbecue, unaware that they were in the process of inventing a revolutionary sport.

What happened?

Out of curiosity one of the friends happened to throw an unopened slice of Kraft Single cheese onto the barbecue, and what happened next blew their minds.

As the cheese got hotter – rather than explode, or melt – the packaging around the slice (in most cases) held it’s ground, while the cheese inside got hotter, melted, and then finally boiled.

The Rules of Cheese Racing

Simply put, each player throws a slice of cheese onto the BBQ and the player whose cheese fully inflates first wins!

Here the official rules (source):

  • All competing cheese slices must be placed on the barbecue simultaneously
  • There can be no contact or overlap between cheese slices. In case of an accidental overlap, slices must be repositioned immediately.
  • Each player is permitted one poke of their slice, after which the slice may not be touched or interfered with again.
  • The winner is the cheese that fully inflates first
  • If the result is too close to call those player perform another tie-break round